"In an era in which ‘progressive neoliberalism’ has frayed, reactionary populism is on the rise and climate breakdown is visibly accelerating, activists and activist-scholars need the insightful and penetrating analyses that Alternate Routes provides" – if we are to understand and change our troubled world." - William K. Carroll, Professor of Sociology, University of Victoria, and author (with J.P. Sapinsky) of Organizing the 1%: How Corporate Power Works

"In this new and very much welcomed issue on neoliberal austerity, Alternative Routes once again proves itself an invaluable resource to scholars and activists working to secure a more just world. For those on the left, the timing of this issue could not be better. While liberal democratic capitalism -- and its neoliberal variants-- may be losing legitimacy, a newly ascendant authoritarian and nationalist right has emerged as an equally potent threat.  For readers seeking to advance an intersectional class politics that not only rejects this new threat, but that continues to reject the “post-politics” of the technocratic center, the authors in this issue push our thinking in precisely the right direction -- namely, toward a working class politics that extends across workplaces, across communities, and across borders." Kafui Ablode Attoh, City University of New York School of Labor and Urban Studies

"Alternate Routes journal publishes methodologically-sound political economy research that is of interest to labour researchers." – Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

"One of the first and longest-lasting responses to the stifling effects of traditional academic journal publication practices in the social sciences." – Research Resources for the Social Sciences