Conference and Special Issue Call For Papers - National Questions, International Possibilities: Democratic Revival in an Age of Authoritarian Neoliberalism


Alternate Routes and the University of Bari, Italy invites individual paper and panel submissions for our latest conference and journal special issue. Liberal democratic capitalism is increasingly losing legitimacy but what might replace it is increasingly unclear. It has become almost an orthodoxy to argue that the great divide in world politics today is between nationalists and globalists, left- and right-wing populists, and identity and class politics. Despite talk of a new world order, the end of history and an era of post-truth politics, these divisions also reflect profound political limitations.  This Call for Papers interrogates these divisions and more, including: What role for social democratic and socialist politics today? How to challenge the authoritarian/anti-democratic politics of the right and the debilititing post-politics of “the centre”? What role for national self-determination in interntional contexts? How to organize social and political conflict? How are labour and other social movements responding?

Additional topics may include but are not limited to: 

  • Income Transfers and Pre/Redistributive Public Policies
  • The Neoliberal State and Alternatives
  • Precarious Work, Digital Technologies and Labour Market Restructuring
  • Ideological Struggle, Political Parties and Political Representation
  • Unions, Equity and Affirmative Action
  • Inter/Nationalism and Alt-Populisms
  • Transnational Actors and Global Governance
  • Imperialism and Neocolonialism
  • Climate Change and ‘Green’ Capitalism
  • Human Rights and Global Equity
  • New forms of Organization, Social and Political Resistance

To submit your proposal, please click HERE. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is December 31st, 2019. A selection of papers will be considered as part of a special issue publication of Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research. Call for Papers available as a downloadable PDF HERE

Conference Registration Fees: Permanent Faculty €200; Contract Faculty and Graduate Students: €150.