NEW ISSUE: Populism, Power and Protest


Power, Populism and Protest

AR 2020, Volume 31

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

COVID-19, Capitalism and Contagion

Carlo Fanelli and Heather Whiteside


The Globalization Project in Crisis

Philip McMichael

Making Sense of Italian Populism: The Five Star Movement and the Lega

Joe Galbo

EU Neoliberalism at Bay: Social Democratic Renewal or Populist Economic Nationalism?

Bryn Jones

The Democratic Economy: Beyond Globalisation and Neoliberalism

Luke Martell

Spreading Protests: Changing Paths of Transnationalization of Social Movements

Donatella della Porta

Exploring the Trajectory of Housing Assistance Policies in Canada 

Jon Careless

Uneven Engagement: Unions and the Living Wage in Ontario

David Goutor

Forever Idle: The Resilience of Colonial Ideas on Black Bodies

Nour Afara


Democracy in Troubled Times

Jeff Noonan

Global English in the Wake of the Collapse of Globalism

Peter Ives

Special Section: Interventions on Labour Transnationalism as Practice Reflections from Trade Union Activists and Staff

Special Section Introduction

Thomas Collombat

Global Framework Agreements: Building and Protecting Space for Local Collective Bargaining Through International Organization

Euan Gibb

Defending Public Services: Canadian and Colombian Workers on the Frontlines

Kelti Cameron, Louise Casselman and Evert Hoogers

Global Networks Challenging the Power of the Mining Industry  

Judith Marshall