Reading Capital Today: Marx After 150 Years


 To celebrate Alternate Routes' 40th Anniversary (1977-2017), we partnered with Pluto Books for Reading Capital Today: Marx After 150 Years

Co-edited by Ingo Schmidt and Carlo Fanelli, contributions include:

Introduction: Capital After 150 Years, by Ingo Schmidt and Carlo Fanelli 
1 - Capital and the History of Class Struggle , by Ingo Schmidt
2 - Capital and the First International, by William Pelz
3 - Capital and Soviet Communism , by Anej Korsika
4 - Capital and The Labour Theory of Value, by Prabhat Patnaik
5 - Capital and Gender, by Silvia Federici
6 - Capital and its “Laws of Motion”, by Peter Gose and Justin Paulson
7 - Capital and the Labour Process, by Paul Thompson and Chris Smith
8 - Capital and Organized Labour, by Carlo Fanelli and Jeff Noonan
9 - Capital and Ecology, by Hannah Holleman
10 - Imagining Society Beyond Capital, by Peter Hudis


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 "Rather than simply an exegesis of Marx’s Capital, Reading ‘Capital’ Today takes Marx’s opus of a century and a half ago as the foundation of all critical social theory, and thus the point of departure with which to elucidate today’s changing capitalist conditions. The contributors address not only capital and labor, and early experiments in socialism, but also questions of gender, ecology, and imperialism. What we learn is that reading Marx’s Capital in the present as history can renew our vision of a more egalitarian world beyond capitalism: that of socialism in the twenty-first century." - John Bellamy Foster, editor of Monthly Review  "2017 is a good year for 'rethinking revolution' and the meaning of capitalism. This book celebrates and interrogates Marx's Capital on its 150th anniversary for its meaning today, as the neoliberal counterrevolution mutates into ever more grotesque political and economic forms. For reading Marx in our time, Schmidt and Fanelli have gathered a series of vital interventions on some of the most important theoretical and political themes in Marx for the struggles that lie in front of us." - Greg Albo, York University