Conference and Special Issue Call For Papers


As liberal democratic capitalism loses legitimacy, authoritarian populists have increasingly gained power. In this context, the left finds itself at a strategic and political impasse seemingly unable to grasp the appetite for transformative change. Predominant political responses have appealed for a more conscientious and inclusive capitalism, yet many of these calls do little more than reproduce the status quo. In other words, they have sought to mitigate capitalism’s worst flaws, rather than advance a ‘postcapitalist’ future. These profound political limitations make the task of reorganizing society in more socially just and equitable ways all the more urgent. 

Alternate Routes and the University of Bari invite individual paper and panel submissions for our latest conference and special issue Call For Papers. We encourage works that explore the role of individual and collective agency, normative and value transformations. Topics may include but are not limited to: Austerity and the State; Fiscal and Monetary Policy; Alternative Political Economies; Socio-Economic Restructuring and the Future of Work; Labour and Social Movements; Populism and Political Regroupment; Transnational Actors and Global Governance; Imperialism and Colonialism; Inequality and (De)Democratization; Climate Change and Just Transitions.

To submit your proposal, please click HERE or visit A selection of papers will be considered as part of a special issue publication of Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research. Conference Registration Fees: Permanent Faculty €200; Contract Faculty and Graduate Students: €150. Inquiries can be sent to:

The DEADLINE for conference submissions is January 31st, 2023

The DEADLINE for article submissions is September 1st, 2023