Janus-Faced Austerity: Strengthening the


  • Carlo Fanelli
  • Chris Hurl


ABSTRACT: The global economic crisis has triggered a wave of stimulus spending throughout the world, with particular concentrations in North America, the Eurozone and China. This paper examines its Canadian context. Focusing broadly on the deepening integration of neoliberalism since the election of Stephan Harper in 2006 as well as federal Conservative fiscal and monetary policy, this paper delves into the Janus-Faced character of Canadian austerity measures. It is argued that while social services and spending are restricted for certain segments of the Canadian working class, new arrangements and spending initiatives are rolled out by the federal government in order to fuel enhanced capital accumulation. This paper concludes with some propositions for resisting austerity and strengthening the resolve of the Canadian working class.

KEYWORDS: Canada; Austerity; Fiscal & Monetary Policy; Capital-Preserving Federalism; Neoliberalism. 


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