Precarious Work and the Struggle for Living Wages


  • Alternate Routes


The conditions of particularly harsh worker exploitation from an earlier phase of laissez-faire capitalism appeared to some considerable degree to be mitigated in the developed West during the Keynesian golden era. Appearances, however, can be deceiving. Across the globe, neoliberalism has thoroughly unmasked ‘capitalism with a human face’ bringing to the fore a logic that celebrates the growth of deep inequalities, aggressive social exclusion and a tolerance for the widespread existence of the un(der)employed poor. The growth of employment precarity and the need for a living wage by large sections of the population rests at the heart of this volume. Using quantitative and qualitative approaches and informed by critical conceptual analysis contributors vividly detail the lived experiences and broader implications of mounting social inequality. Authors not only deconstruct the paradox of low-wage work under neoliberal capitalism, but put forward ideas on what to do about it. 


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