Taking Institutions Seriously: Alternatives for a New Public Purpose


  • Stephen McBride McMaster University
  • Joy Schnittker McMaster University


This paper argues that, as alternatives to neoliberal policies are developed, the need for new institutions must not be neglected. Alternative and repurposed institutions should be designed to protect progressive policy advances while extending democracy, rather than diminishing it as neoliberalism has done. The paper outlines how these might be based on revamped notions of popular sovereignty rooted in broader concepts of functional and experiential representation, and on institutional mechanisms designed to produce greater accountability to the society in which states are rooted. 




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McBride, S. ., & Schnittker, J. (2021). Taking Institutions Seriously: Alternatives for a New Public Purpose. Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research, 32(1). Retrieved from https://alternateroutes.ca/index.php/ar/article/view/22529